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About tu MejorTorrent site

tu mejortorrent

There are many bit torrent sites, but tu MejorTorrent is a considerably new project, but has created a large database of torrents which include various assortment of videos. This torrenting website isn’t for the majority of the world (though a lot people use it) as it is created for Mexico, Spain.

As for the movie and films catalogue, there are more than 11000 films available which includes a large variety of both local and international movies and films. Regional locked Mexican movies along with the latest movies which are released on a regular basis, make a part of this site.

Out of the hundred thousand plus movies, there are over 2000 HD movies available as well. Other than movies and films, there are a lot of TV series available which span in over 2000 in number, an important thing for a lot of people who want to catch up to their latest TV series. Game of thrones, anyone?

MejorTorrent relies on non-storage based P2P file sharing systems which allows hundreds of thousands of people to access this website and the torrent which is offers. This is the only way Torrent websites can transfer such massive files as there are no dedicated storage servers, cutting down the cost for running any torrent website.

With a few different ways of distinguishing HD movies from non-HD movies, tu MejorTorrent with its massive reservoir of movies and TV series gets a lot of viewers and visitors every day, in the thousands. And people (especially from Mexico nd Spain) and very fond of this server mainly because of their ability to update and upload new content files in great time.

While piracy isn’t a practice one should be a part of, it is something which is important for a lot of people in the world today, because of either financial issues or genuinely not being able to access content from other countries.