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Thousand of series in MejorTorrent

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Mejor Torrent has close to 12000 series available for download. This number may seem insignificant but considering their focus on series and tv shows which are popular in a lot of the local areas of Spain, and are popular in general, they are a lot.

Mejortorrent series uploaded almost regularly, you’re bound to find torrents for series which you want/or need. The fact that there are around 12000 tv shows means that their catalogue is quite extensive and covers a wide audience.

Other torrent websites have focus on all kind of content, good or bad, popular or not, while MejorTorrent focuses more on the popular and the important content, such as series and movies which release recently.

Older shows and series are also a part of the list of series; so you can easily find a lot of the torrents available here which aren’t on a lot of other websites. Although the list they provide is no way able to compete with even larger torrent website, it is perfectly massive for 99 percent of the pirating community which use it, and for the most part, that’s good enough.

A lot of the reasons behind this website’s fame and fortune is that they have over 520 thousand torrents, which makes them perfectly on par with any other torrent website, and with the hunderds of thousands of visitors, the ranking goes up for them.

At the end of the day, while piracy has been an epidemic in a lot of the world, websites are still surviving, better yet, thriving in the world, mainly because of the fact that there are billions of people who either can’t afford series (or movies) or don’t have legit access to them.

While piracy may be a problem for some countries, there is no doubt it helps keep older content alive and may even help thrive.